hello, my name is sara. i am a maker and a collector, artist, researcher, writer, and graduate student.

i grew up in a mining community in Northern Ontario, where i developed a deep appreciation of and respect for the land and enjoyed traversing through dense bush. having traveled across Canada and after living in the rolling plains and river valleys of sunny Alberta, i now make my home in Montréal, QC where i am actively working towards a PhD in Art History. i also make frequent ventures to small town and back country Ontario to visit my long distance partner andrew. being apart from him right now is incredibly difficult, but we are both romantics and find ways to make it work.

in my studies, i research contemporary intersections between art, medicine, and the body, with a particular interest in the cancerous body  a consuming passion that is reflected in my everyday art influences, choices, and aesthetics.

but i also enjoy simple things: life's pleasures, nature, and thoughtful reflections. to balance out the stress and self-seclusion of my academic life, i collect and create handmade goods, art, books, ideas, and inspiration. i cannot honestly say that i have achieved this balance, but i am always striving. conceived as both an inspiration and artful blog, the arterie is one ongoing attempt.

i also operate two sister stores on etsy (arterie and nova lily) where you can find original art, paper goods, jewelery and other delightful homemade goods that combine old and new, reclaimed and collected materials.

thank you for reading...


i try to give credit where it is due whenever possible, so i would like to acknowledge both Katrina of Pugly Pixel, whose amazing (and generous!) blug tutorials, tips, and graphics provide an endless resource in the on-going design of the arterie blog, as well as Miss Tristan B. of Bespotted Brand whose gorgeous wreath graphic i used in my header.